July 12, 2017



The team of American Vision Capital offers our clients with services that are channeled towards the creation of sustainable wealth. Our team proffers bespoke wealth creation solutions for businesses and families using tax-efficient investments; asset management strategies; and financial consulting solutions. Our fast-paced success is an attribution of our vested interest in proffering the best solution for our clients’ investments objectives. We give personalized attention to our clients by analyzing their investment goals and cash flow before making a recommendation for the best investment strategy. We continually monitor our client’s investment performance and proactively optimize our strategies to align with our client’s cash flow and prevailing economic situation.

Our services help our customers sidestep underperforming investment and focus on assets with high ROI. We do continuous research and develop investment strategies to stay up to date with financial laws. American Vision Capital help grow our client’s investments while operating in tandem with financial returns legislations.

We believe in partnerships that increase our capacity to avail our clients with various profitable investment assets. Therefore, we work in conjunction with world class asset management and financial institutions.  These partnerships place us at a vantage point to implement a unique combination of strategies that yield high returns for our clients.

We believe that financial success is a product of intelligent planning, precise execution, and consistent monitoring.  We stay on top of our client’s investment and nurture it to grow while our clients focus on their career and family.


Our Vision

To set the benchmark for quality financial consulting and wealth management services across the globe.


Mission Statement

To add value to our clients by leveraging our expertise to proffer knowledge-driven solutions that enhance the creation of wealth for our customers.


Our Core Values

At American Vision Capital,  we have embraced our corporate value proposition which serves as a philosophy guiding the service we offer to our clientele. These value propositions are

  • Honesty,
  • Transparency,
  • Teamwork,
  • Integrity,
  • Partnership,
  • Innovation, and
  • Customer satisfaction.



Service: We are committed to operating a service-oriented company by inspiring and delivering our services through an in-depth understanding of the needs of our consumers and taking an innovative approach to satisfying these demands.

Quality: Our approach to quality is one of our core values we do not compromise. We select our partners and assets after careful assessment, ensuring that they can deliver value to our customers.

Economic: We are focused on operating a profitable and sustainable business that delivers value to the society and stakeholders. A business that creates an opportunity for employment and facilitates job satisfaction and career development for our employee.

Health and Safety. We focus on operating a safe and healthy working environment for our staff in line with the International Labour Organization Standards. We also ensure our operations in the real estate industry is in tandem with regulations that facilitate health and safety of our clients.

Social: To operate the socially responsible company that recognizes the central role that business plays in society by providing support for plausible Corporate Social Responsibility programs with innovative projects to improve the quality of life of our immediate communities.