December 7, 2017


Real Estate

In our quest to ascertain the full satisfaction of clients, we offer real estate services that go beyond helping to buy, lease or sell properties.  We painstakingly seek intricate background information and make required evaluations that will avail our clients with the best possible deal devoid of complications.

Our team of brokers and agents arrange a no-obligation meeting to have a good grasp of the requirement of our customer. Our clients can depend on our wealth of experience for expert advise regarding the prevailing market conditions and the future prospect of the real estate investment plan. We oversee the entire transaction for our clients from liaising with estate agents, realtors, bankers, solicitors and other professionals required to close the deal.

Besides the brokering of real estate deals, we also specialize in the management of real estate assets. We focus on optimal maintenance and enhancement of property to yield the maximum ROI when revaluation is required. Our Real Estate management services include: property management, work site management, real estate tax management, refitting, etc.


Wealth and Asset Management

American Vision Capital have a group of wealth managers, asset managers, and retirement specialists that have a good understanding of the present financial market and can forecast the right direction for investments in the future.

We use a data-driven approach to streamline the most profitable investment strategy that aligns with the cash flow of our customers.  Our strategy gives insight into flows, assets and market financial instruments by analyzing the behavioral trends consumers as well as investors

Our services address all the challenges and limitations that encumbers our clients such as:

  1. Growth. We avail our client with our expertise by offering valuable advice that allows them to embrace new markets and segments that lead to a sustainable competitive advantage.
  2. Operations. We make the required research and facilitate the design and implementation of winning strategies for risk management and portfolio management.
  3. Investment performance. We organize top-notch conferences and workshops where we exchange strategies and discoveries make from market research and avail our clients with the relevant knowledge required to execute their investment strategy. The support we provide is vital for profitable portfolio management.


Consulting  and Lending Services

We support our clients with general financial consulting services and specifically with respect to loan needs for commercial and non-commercial purposes. We work in close relation with financial institutions and have a wide range of lending options to present to our clients. We make a detailed analysis of our client’s cashflow to recommend the most appropriate personal loan type.

For commercial loans, we work with our clients to make feasibility studies and leverage on our experience to make the required forecast for ascertaining profitability. American Vision Capital presents the loan options with the best payment conditions to our clients and assist in getting all the documentation and paperwork ready to expedite release of funds