Development Projects

機會在哪 我們在哪

From our humble beginnings in helping our clients seek effective return in real estate investment, we noticed a great opportunity in real estate development.
Our journey began from financing and funding our own deals, seeking out distressed properties, purchasing undeveloped land to build out, and leasing out lots for commercial retailers. We have accomplished all this in the greater Southwestern United States. This demonstrates our ability to manage all different types of development assets and to manage over millions of dollars of properties with the trust of our clients.
Our track record shows we have the capabilities to finance and package complex deals, mitigate risk to bring it back on track, to undertake certain deals that are profitable to undertake, and finally sell at a profitable margin that make sense in IRR and overall investment objects.
  • Eastvale community in southern California; purchased lot with city planning approval and currently in progress to lease out to commercial retailers
  • Southwestern region of Las Vegas; purchased houses and apartment units
  • Southern CA home rehabs, bankruptcy purchases, home constructions
  • Prescott Lake and Hassayampa, Arizona; from land purchase to construction to sale

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